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Naqsmist (nux-meest) translates into "many coming together as one"

At Naqsmist, we use transformative storytelling as a way to inspire whole-systems healing in order to promote productivity in spaces of decision making, strategizing, and governance.

Our lead facilitators and storytellers are Elaine and Kyle Alec from the Syilx and Secwepemc nations, located in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada. They work with transformative storytellers, systems thinkers, and strategists from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

What we do

We use transformative storytelling as a way to inspire whole systems healing to promote maximum productivity

Naqsmist uses transformative storytelling and whole-systems healing to build confidence within individuals, organizations, and communities with the goal of promoting maximum efficiency in decision-making and strategizing. At Naqsmist, we help guide you through conflict, disconnect, grief and trauma by sharing our Syilx knowledge and Enowkinwix decision-making process. We provide the tools and processes you need to improve the way you show up in your personal and professional lives in order to solve problems and contribute change in an effective and sustainable way.

Who we work with

Organizations, governments and communities who want to:

Collaborate, problem solve and improve communication.

Generate alignment, build culture and address resistance to change

Build confidence in systems changing work.

Understand what reconciliation means in our organization.

Learn to support diversity and ways of doing things

Focus on shifting systemic issues within our organization.

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